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We’re all getting more and more conscious of what we’re putting into our bodies, let alone into our children’s growing bodies. Eating a home cooked meal is already better than takeout, but there’s an especially healthier way to be eating. That’s what brought me to write this Cosori air fryer review.

For about the past 6 months now, I’ve jumped onto the air fryer bandwagon to see what all the hype is about. Now that’s I’ve gotten to experience using and eating food from an air fryer, I won’t be going back.

Today I will be reviewing the Cosori 5.8 quart air fryer. There are 2 different sizes of Cosori air fryers, though; 5.8 quart which is suitable for 3 to 5 person families and the 3.7 quart which is suitable for 2 to 3 person families.

I’m sure you must be anxious to get to the review at this point so here we go!

Oilless Cooking – The Healthier Way To Cook

Golden french fries
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When you decide to cook with an air fryer, you’re choosing healthier eating habits by cutting out the oil. If you’re trying to watch your weight, this will greatly help you, too! Some foods call for 1 tbsp of oil at most. That’s much less that what we’re all used to using.

On top on that, the grease and fat from your foods drip down to the bottom of the basket so all that gets moved from your food, too!

I was so uses to cooking everything in my deep fryer that I thought removing oil completely might alter the taste. It did, but for the better. Honestly, I’m never going back to deep-fried foods after using my air fryer.

Detachable Non-stick Basket

Not all air fryers come with a detachable basket but the Cosori is equipped with all the bells and whistles.

Easily detach the non-stick basket to bring it to your food prep area for convenience, easily clean all the areas of the basket so you know it’s 100% clean, and it’s even dishwasher safe!

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There isn’t a lot of affordable air fryers that allow you to detach the inner basket for such convenience.

11 Presets – For Foolproof Cooking

Yup, the Cosori even comes with 11 presets for your convenience and foolproof cooking. Sounds great, right? Let me list some presets for you so you understand just how great it is!

  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Shrimp
  • Bacon
  • Frozen Foods
  • French Fries
  • Bread
  • Vegetables
  • Even Deserts!

This is just some foods you can cook in the air fryer, there is SO MUCH MORE you can cook, really, it’s unbelievable! I’ve cooked everything from chicken thighs, chicken

Buffet of food
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breasts, drum sticks, even a WHOLE CHICKEN! It was the best chicken we’ve ever had, too. The skin was nice and crispy and the meat was as it should be, plump and juicy!

I have also made fried vegetables, fries, hash browns and so much more! Even my picky kids love the food that comes out of the air fryer! That’s a win on its own, if you have picky kids you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Extra Reasons To Absolutely Love It

I know, you’re probably thinking “how can there be EVEN MORE ways to love this air fryer?!” As I said previously, it comes with all the bells and whistles, so here I’ll tell you about the bells and whistles.

  • Temperature Settings From 170°F to 400°F ( 77°C to 205°C ) – the perfect temperature range for perfectly cooked food.
  • Shake And Keep Warm Functions – shake reminder for when there’s food that needs to be moved around such as french fries for example. Never forget to shake things up so everything is cooked evenly. Keep warm function is great for when you’re waiting on other things to finish or maybe you’re waiting for those pesky teens to come to the dinner table. ( chuckles )
Family sitting at the dinner table
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  • Preheating Option – preheating is always important when you’re cooking in your oven so they’ve added this function to the Cosori air fryer. There’s not many air fryers that come equipped with this feature.
  • LED One Touch Panel – easy peasy LED one touch panels keeps everything simple for you by taking the guess work out of cooking so all you’re left with is great tasting food.
  • Auto Shutoff – there is an auto shutoff function that kicks in after 3 minutes of inactivity once the food is done cooking, basket is taken out or if you haven’t set the keep warm feature.
  • Overheat Protection – the Cosori air fryer is also equipped with overheat protection to make sure you don’t burn your food!
  • Free 100 Cosori Recipe Book – yep, you read that right! A FREE book of 100 recipe ideas to make in your new Cosori air fryer!

Oil Free Conclusion

Roasted duck on a plate
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Well, there it is! All the great reasons to hop onto the air fryer bandwagon. Honestly, you don’t fully understand not until you have one because it took me a long time to be curious enough to try it out but I don’t regret it one bit. If anything, I regret taking so long to buy one.

There are so many air fryers to choose from, too, but I’ve found this one to be the best with all the bells and whistles it has equipped and it’s super affordable, too! That’s probably why it’s on Amazon’s best-seller list! I’ve tried a few and in my opinion, this is the best and most affordable one. You definitely get what you pay for!

So, why not head on over to Amazon and join the Cosori air fryer club now! You won’t regret it ☺️

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