Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker Review


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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew – The Monster Of Coffee Machines

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Maybe you’re a mom who’s trying to keep up with the never ending energy from the kids. Either way, whoever you may be, this awesome coffee maker is for everyone and anyone.

Without further ado, here is my review of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker.Smiling cup of coffee

Two Ways To Brew

With the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew you have the choice to make a single cup of coffee. If you want to make yourself a single coffee in a taller take away cup that’s no problem either! Just remove the cup rest that you would put your regular coffee cup on.

Do you have company over? You can also make a pot of coffee with this machine.

2 Easy-Fill Reservoirs

Each brewer has its own water reservoir which features a water window so you know exactly how much water you’re putting in.

Choose Your Coffee Strength

Whether you’re making a single cup of coffee or making a full pot, you can decide to choose to brew regular or bold.

Full Pot Features

With a digital clock screen you can take advantage of a programmable timer, 2 hour auto shutoff. This machine is also equipped with an auto pause and serve feature so if you’re strapped for time you just pull out the pot and pour into your cup. The machine will stop the coffee drip till you put the carafe back in its place.

Single Serve Features

All you need is coffee sign

You have the choice to make coffee using ground coffee in the special filter that comes with the machine. Its stored inside the cup rest so its always near when you need it.

You can also make yourself a single coffee using K-Cups!

Another thing I liked was that if I wanted tea I would just run hot water through the single serve and voila! Hot water for my tea!

Easy Cleaning

The filter and pod-piercing assembly tool are removable for easy cleaning.

The carafe is as easy to clean as any other which is great.

To clean the coffee machine itself ran a cup of vinegar with 2-3 cups of water through it about once a month. After the machine was done brewing the vinegar water I would “brew” 1-2 full carafes through it to remove any vinegar water that was left inside the machine. This cleaning cycle made it good as new again every time.

Save Precious Counter Space

Since this coffee machine is equipped with both single serve and full pot options, you’ll be able to save on counter space since you can replace your coffee machine and kettle. If you’re like me and have limited counter space this machine is great for saving space.

In Conclusion

I absolutely love this coffee maker! I don’t want to speak for all mothers but as a mom I love my coffee and being able to have all these choices between single serve to full pot, bold or regular strength and all the other bells and whistles that are included is absolutely fantastic!

I’d recommend this awesome coffee machine to everyone.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Have a Fantastic day!

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