Playtex Diaper Genie Review – America’s Most Recommended Diaper Pail

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Playtex Diaper Genie – America’s Most Recommended Diaper Pail

If you have a baby or more than 1 baby in diapers, you’ll come to notice that not so great diaper smell seems to take over your house, or at least a Cute baby in a diaperpart of it. I didn’t understand the hype and thought the diaper Genie diaper pail was just a ploy but boy, was I wrong!

I was living in a smaller house at that point and I kid you not, the smell took over the entire main floor! After spraying what seemed like an unhealthy amount of air freshener and spending way too much money on plugin air fresheners I though, why not at least try the Diaper Genie.

I’m so glad I did! For once my house didn’t smell like “eau de baby diaper”.

Just recently, I heard of some people even using the Diaper Genie for adult diaper! IT’S THAT GOOD!

Read on if you want to know more about one of the greatest baby products ever invented.

Several Colors To Choose From

When I bought my Diaper Genie they only had white but now they’ve got several colors to choose from to blend a little better with your nursery. You have the choice of white, pink, blue, green and grey.

Ready To Use

You receive the pail fully assembled and ready to use! It’s already equipped with a refill on bags which holds up to 270 diapers! Yup, that’s a lot of diapers.

Odor Lock System

The pail has a great Odor Lock System in place. Odor trying to get through will get blocked by this ultimate odor controlling antimicrobial AND double air tight clamps. Try to beat that!

An Extra Layer Of Stink Security

The Diaper Genie also comes with an activated carbon filter inside the lid to make triple sure odors are trapped inside where they belong. Take that “eau de baby diaper”!

Easily Remove The Bag

When the pail is full, open the front door on the pail and pull the bag out. There’s even a built-in cutter inside the pail so no fetching scissors or fiddling to cut the bag!

Look Mom, No Hands

There’s a foot pedal so that when you’ve got your baby in one arm and equipped with a dirty diaper in the other, you simply press on the foot pedal and voila, toss the stink in the pail!

Don’t Forget These

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Don’t forget to buy some extra bag refills and activated carbon filters so you’re always set up when you need to replace them.

To Bag It All Up (do you see what I did there?)

The main place we change our babies is in the nursery so chances are that’s where you’re disposing of the diapers. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t want to sleep in a poopy smelling room so why would we make our babies sleep in that stench? We don’t want our sweet little bundles to be smelling that in the nursery so we buy a Playtex Diaper Genie!

I was in love with mine! I used the same one through 2 babies and it was great. The Diaper Genie is definitely one of my most recommended baby products.

Thanks for reading and I hope this review was helpful!

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