What Do I Need For A Newborn Baby?


What do I need for a newborn baby? Newborn sleeping with a purple flower hat on
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What a wonderful time it is for you! You’re about to welcome your new little bundle to the world and that’s a really exciting time but you’re full of questions, right? I remember when I was expecting my first daughter my main wonder was “what do I need for a newborn baby?”

I knew the basics but not EVERYTHING there is that we would need for a new baby.

I did have a baby shower but I received doubles of some things and didn’t receive some other things at all.

So there I was, massively pregnant and shopping for my new baby items without much of an idea about what was really a necessity, what would make my life easier and things that were just a waste of money. I also didn’t have the leisure of online shopping back then either but boy, do I ever wish I did!

That’s why I’ve decided to put this list together for you. To save you, your feet and your back the pain of having to shop for hours without a concrete idea of what you really need.

I have also added a savable and printable PDF at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

You can also use this list to guide you through making a baby registry to help your loved ones know what you need.

Here we go!

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It’s A Dirty Job But Someone Has To Do It

Yup, you guessed it! In this section I will be listing off the things you will either need or items that will make your life easier and less stinky when it comes to diaper changing.

  • Diapers – You’re going to need a lot of diapers, believe me! I always went with Huggies newborn diapers
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Stack of disposable baby diapers
    Photo by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

    because they have the umbilical cutout to prevent any irritation on the umbilical stub. Once baby has grown into size 1 diapers there are LOTS of diaper brands to choose from. I always went with Huggies and Pampers but that was my choice, you’re free to choose whatever you like. I do suggest Huggies for the newborn stage though.

  • Wipes – There are also a lot of different kids of wipes to choose from, too! I like to stick with
  • Playtex Diaper Genie – This is essential to keeping the diaper smell at bay. I absolutely loved my Diaper Genie! I didn’t use one for my first daughter but I did for my second and third. Let me tell you, there was a huge difference!
  • Diaper Rash Cream – Whether you need it right away or not, it’s always handy to have on hand because you never know when baby might develop a rash and you’re going to want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Here are some things you don’t NEED but might find helps make your life easier:

  • Change Table – With a change table, you have a designated spot to change your baby which means you have everything you need right there on the shelves so you’re never fiddling around trying to find what you need.

Dressing Baby

In this section I will list the most important clothing you need for your new baby.

  • Onesies – Honestly, stock up on onesies! I couldn’t believe how many onesies my daughters went through per day. Between pee, poop, milk messes and spit up you’re going to need enough onesies.
  • Pajamas – This was another one I used a lot. For the same reasons as the onesies but also because I felt like it was just comfier for them, too. Wouldn’t we all love to wear our pajamas all day?
  • Warmer Clothing For Cold Climates – I live in Canada so I know cold climate! Babies get colder easier than we do so they need to be nice and bundled.
What do I need for a newborn baby? Baby clothes on a clothesline
Photo by AnnaliseArt from Pixabay

Here is a list of things you could buy but don’t NEED:

  • Outfits – Yes, outfits on babies are totally adorable but I found it was almost a waste in the first few months because of the frequent changes. I felt so bad for frustrating them to put the outfit on them only for them to end up having to be changed not long after because of a mess. To each their own, though. Some babies really don’t mind being changed but my girls really weren’t fond of it. Also, with how quickly babies grow out of clothing, it’s best to not splurge too much.
  • Socks – If you decide to get outfits then you’re probably going to need socks but if you want to stick with pajamas then you won’t be needing socks so much because most pajamas have the feet covered. Keep in mind that not ALL pajamas have the footies.
  • Cutesy Newborn Shoes – Again, same as above, it depends on what kind of clothing you decide to have your baby wear.

Going Out With Baby

Here I will be listing items when you take baby out whether it be for a walk, in the car or for a shopping trip.

  • Stroller – I’ve had both the 4-wheeled stroller and the 3-wheeled stroller with the big tube tires (also called a
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Woman walking with her baby in a stroller
    Photo by AndreasGoellner from Pixabay

    jogging stroller but don’t worry, you don’t need to jog). In my opinion, the 4-wheeled strollers are MUCH better than the 3-wheeled. The 4-wheeled strollers don’t get stuck like the 3- wheeled one do and if there’s snow where you live, that’s a must! I also found that because of the big tube tires it was a smoother ride for baby as opposed to the plastic tires on the 3-wheeled strollers.

  • Weather Shield For The Stroller – This nifty little invention was one of my favorites! I had one for summer and one for winter. The one for winter is a clear plastic tarp with plenty of holes to make sure baby is getting air but keeps from the wind, snow and rain. The one I had for summer was closer to the material of a tent so it was waterproof and UV resistant and also did a pretty good job at keeping bugs out! There is a screen at the front with a flap that can be closed or kept open by Velcro.
  • Car Seat – I found the car seat very useful. I know, you’re probably thinking that’s obvious but I don’t drive so I didn’t even end up using the car seat in a vehicle as often as someone who drives would but it was still very useful for me. I found a stroller than
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Photo of smiling baby with a hat on
    Photo by McStone from Pixabay

    came with a car seat so that when I took my babies for a walk they were facing me so I could always see them. Also, it was great for when I’d get back home and they fell asleep in the stroller it was fine because I just took out the car seat and went into the house without bothering or waking them.

  • Diaper Bag – My diaper bag was one of my favorite baby items. When you go out with baby you need to good sturdy bag to hold everything you’re going to need for the outing.
  • Car Seat Cover – Again, if you live in a cold climate, you’re going to love having a car seat cover because they keep baby from the harsh elements and protects them from wind (which cuts their breath when they’re that young) because it’s made to form fit the car seat as opposed to using a blanket.
  • Hats – You don’t absolutely need more than one hat but I liked having 2 in case one got dirty, I always have a backup.

Bathing Baby

Here is a list of things you’ll need for bathing your baby:

  • Baby Tub – A baby tub is a great item to have because it gives you the opportunity to bathe baby where it’s
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Baby full of bubbles in a baby tub
    Photo by Pavel Kraus from Pixabay

    easier. Bathing a newborn in the bath wasn’t fun for me because it was so uncomfortable.

  • Bath Seat – Some tubs are built with the angle so baby isn’t flat in the bottom but mine wasn’t which required me to have a mesh baby seat. They’re inexpensive so I didn’t mind.
  • Wash Cloths – Yup, I know you’re probably thinking “well duh! right?
  • Towels – I know, another duh! i just want to be sure not to miss anything that we need 🙂
  • Baby Shampoo – There are so many to choose from but you’ll find your favorite to use.
  • Baby Wash – Again, there’s a lot to choose from.
  • Baby Lotion – Lotion will be yours and your baby’s best friend. Baby’s skin is pretty dry in the first few months and putting lotion on the after bath time made my girls sleep like angels!

Feeding Baby

Whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle feel I will tell you what you need for each in this section. Before I start with the list though, I want to add receiving blankets first and foremost because they’re needed in both categories. They are the most useful items when it comes to feeding because you throw them over your shoulder when you burp baby to save your clothes from spit-ups which means you won’t be having to change every 2 hours.

OK, here we go with the lists!


  • Nursing Pads – I didn’t think these were essential but they really were! I found out the hard way when I ended up leaking through my bra and onto my shirt. Yup, Embarrassing!
  • Lanolin Cream – When you’re breastfeeding, baby’s saliva makes your nipples dry, cracked and very sore. At some points I sat there and cried while trying not to scream in pain because after all, baby needs to feed.
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Cartoon of a mom breatfeeding her baby
    Photo by imageneserik from Pixabay

    Someone told me about Lanolin cream and it quickly became my best friend. The nursing pads also do a great job at sealing it in so the cream does its job really well.

  • Breast Pump – Again, this was another item that I thought I wouldn’t need because I wasn’t planning on pumping to put breatmilk in bottles but I was so wrong! At some points when my breast milk started to really come in and a feed was due but baby decided she was sleeping too well to feed just yet it became very painful. Pumping some milk out to relieve the pain really helped. Also, when my milk supply started to diminish, pumping a few times a day helped boost it back up.
  • Nursing Covers – They make some pretty great nursing covers nowadays and I absolutely loved mine because I could still get my errands done and feed baby. I always carried 2 in my diaper bag just in case one got dirty.

Here are some things you could use to make your life easier but you don’t actually need:

  • Nursing Bras – I used a nursing bra after my first pregnancy but learnt my lesson pretty quickly that I didn’t actually need a nursing bra. Your breasts and body are changing so much after birth and during breastfeeding that buying a new nursing bra every month or 2 got pretty expensive for me. For my second and third children I decided to stick with a good, comfortable and supportive bra that I wouldn’t have to swap out and it worked well for me.
  • Nursing Shirts – I never owned a nursing shirt at all and breastfeeding always went very well. Spaghetti strap tanks were always my best friends though, because you can just slide the strap off and back on very easily. Plus, they’re inexpensive.
  • Breastfeeding Pillow – These are great because they wrap around you tight enough to not move around or fall off but not too tight to cause discomfort. I used one for a while but I eventually moved onto a normal pillow because I found it to be easier than trying to get the breastfeeding pillow off myself while holding baby.

Bottle Feeding:

  • Bottles – There are a ridiculous amounts of baby bottles to choose from. My personal favorites were the
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Baby and moms hand holding bottle as baby feeds
    Photo by mariagarzon from Pixabay

    Playtex Drop-in bottles. They save you so much work of having to clean and sanitize bottles because you buy the Drop-in liners that fit perfectly in the bottles and toss it when you’re done. It’s also much quicker to warm so that means less time for your hungry baby to wait which means less fussing.

  • Bottle Warmer – During my first pregnancy, bottle warmers were pretty expensive but now you can get a good one for around $25. It’s a nifty little item to have, for sure!
  • Formula – There are quite a few brands of formula to choose from and which you choose is ultimately up to you. There’s no good or bad choices. Personally, I didn’t like the powdered formula, though it is cheaper, it’s more time-consuming and I had a hard time getting rid of clumps. I used Nestle Goodstart for all three of my daughters after I couldn’t breastfeed anymore.
  • Jugs – You’re going to want at least 2 jugs to mix and keep the formula in. I bought two 2-litre jugs because eventually the little ones drink a few 10 ounce bottles per day and I found that to be the perfect size.

Here are some items are not needed but might make life easier for you:

  • Baby Bottle Tree Drying Rack – I used to just put cleaned and sanitized bottles and nipples on a clean towel on the counter but eventually bought a bottle drying rack. The Best decision I made when it comes to drying bottles and accessories. On the towel they never dried properly and ended up with condensation. Not great for sanitation, right? Plus, it was much neater and space-saving to have the drying rack.

For The Nursery

Here is the items you’ll need for baby’s bedroom:

  • Crib – Not much of an explanation needed here.
  • Baby Mobile – There are lots to choose from so you can match the setting in your baby’s nursery.
  • Mattress – There are lots to choose from, they even have memory foam bamboo ones! If you get one like this though, don’t forget the mattress protector.
  • Crib Bedding – So many adorable bedding sets that it’s hard to choose! Baby stuff is the cutest!
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Photo of a crib and rocking chair in baby nursery
    Photo by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay
  • Decorations – You don’t have to go all out on decorations but it is fun decorating baby’s room.
  • Dresser – Dressers come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you can easily make everything match if you want to. You can even get a dresser that have a change table on top and shelf to store diapers, wipes, etcetera.
  • Lamp Or Night Light – You’re going to want something that’s not too bright because when you go into baby’s room in middle of the night for feeding or a diaper change you don’t want to wake baby too much with bright lights.
  • Baby Monitor – Baby monitors have evolved and it has made keeping an eye on baby so much easier. You can choose from sound only, video and sound, WiFi or direct and much more. Some baby monitors have built in temperature and humidity meters that you can see right on the screen. The ones I had for my girls are WiFi cams that display the temperature but not humidity.
  • Humidity/Temperature Meter – I always have these in my girls rooms take make sure they can sleep comfortably. Since my baby monitors don’t show the humidity I opted for one of these so I know when and how high to set their humidifiers.

Some extras you don’t need but I enjoyed having:

  • “Crib Aquarium” – I put that one in quotes because it doesn’t have to be the aquarium but there are so many different ones that I chose to write aquarium because that’s the one all my girls had and loved! It’s a “toy” that hooks up the crib and has music, noise, lights and sounds. If you’d like to know what I’m talking about, here is
    What do I need for a newborn baby? Photo of a bassinet
    Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

    a link for your convenience.

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  • Bassinet – A lot of people like buying a bassinet for the first couple of months so baby can sleep nice and close for a while. Another great thing about bassinets is some are convertible. You can pop the wheels in to make it a cradle or pop them out to move the bassinet around easily. They’ve gotten very affordable, too! There are a lot of great things about having a bassinet but you don’t absolutely need one.
  • Rug – I’ve always have a rug in my girls rooms. It makes it cozier in my opinion and nice to have that softness under your tired feet when you’re in baby’s room changing or rocking baby.
  • Humidifier – I live in Canada so during the winter months when the heat is on, a humidifier is needed to keep the humidity at a good level in my girls rooms. Dryness can lead to headaches, dry skin, dry noses and other things that are no fun for anyone, let alone a new baby.
  • Rocking Chair – Rocking chairs can be a very useful nursery item but I never owned one for the nursery. I rocked my girls in my rocking chair that was in the living room.

Extra Stuff

Here I will list all the extra items that didn’t fit into the previous categories.

  • Pacifiers – Stock up on these because even with pacifier clips, they still get lost or used and you do not want to run out of pacifiers! The worst thing I had to go through was when the company who made the ONLY pacifiers my daughter liked STOPPED making them! I regretted not stocking up on them.
  • Pacifier Clips – Babies spit out their pacifiers OFTEN! There they go, crashing into dirty floors or the ground. Sometimes you don’t have a way to wash them so you pop it into your own mouth because it’s better than nothing, right? I’ve done it a bunch, too. Then I invested in some pacifier clips. They’re awesome for keeping pacifiers off the floor and clean. There’s less time fiddling and looking for the pacifier because you know it’s always at the end up the clip.
What do I need for a newborn baby? Cartoon image of assorted baby items on a clothesline
Photo by AnnaliseArt from Pixabay
  • Bags For Soiled Diapers (to put in the diaper bag)
  • Wipe Dispenser (to put in the diaper bag)
  • Healthcare And Grooming Kit – These kits are awesome because they come equipped with everything you need! Brush, comb, nail clipper, nail files, nose suction bubble, etc. They normally come in a zippered bag or case so you can pop it in the diaper bag to bring along with you if needed.
  • Thermometer – The kit above does come with a thermometer but I always preferred an ear or forehead thermometer. There are so many different types of thermometers to choose from now, choose the one you like the best.
  • Infant Fever/Pain Relief – It’s great to have some pain and fever relief medication available. You never know when you may need it and it’s also recommended giving a dose an hour before immunizations. Choose the one you’re most comfortable with, there are quite a few to choose from. If you’re unsure, you could ways ask your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Baby Laundry Soap – Their skin is so sensitive, especially right after they’re born! These laundry soaps are made specifically for baby’s sensitive skin so it doesn’t get irritated. Plus, they smell AMAZING!

Time To Wrap It Up And Put A Bow On It

What do I need for a newborn baby? Cartoon of a red gift with a yellow bow
Photo by ArtsyBee from Pixabay

There you have it! An extensive A to Z list of what you need for your new baby. I have tried to make sure to get everything that I could think of that you’ll need and some extras to make your life a little easier.

You don’t have to follow this list down to every detail, the choices are yours to make. I’ve just taken the guesswork out of it to leave you with the fun part of choosing what you want for your sweet little bundle. I loved buying stuff and setting it all up for the arrival of my daughters!

Once everything is set up all you need to do is wait for the finishing touch; BABY ❤️

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*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Here is the savable and printable PDF: What Do I Need For A Newborn Baby

Thank you for reading and I really hope this list proves to be useful for you!

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If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll gladly help you! Did I forget something in my list? Maybe you have something to add that helped make your life easier. Don’t hesitate to leave it below to help other moms, too! Have an awesome day!

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